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Sunday 15 Apr 2018 12.25 PM

Fares of Mumbai- Ahmedabad bullet train range from Rs. 250-3000

 Mumbai- Ahmedabad, Bullet train

Mumbai: Passengers can enjoy a ride in India's first bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai for a cost of Rs 250 rupees. Fare ranging between 250-3000, there will be a train every 20 minutes and construction of the project is expected to start by December this year.

The service will emulate Japanese Shinkansen in punctuality and safety. It would be Rs 3,000 between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and as low as Rs 250 between Banda Kurla Complex and Thane, the officials said.

A train set comprises 10 standard coaches and one of it will be business class. The ministry would require 1,415 hectare of land for the project, and has earmarked Rs 10,000 Crore for its acquisition.

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